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Conitex Sonoco LoadRunner - Pallet Manufacturers

Established in 1982, Conitex Sonoco, relying on its long-term expertise in converting paper products, has developed high-performance LoadRunner® corrugated paper pallets and other engineered packaging products.

With our passion for addressing and satisfying the requirements of modern transport and conveyor systems, we have established the New Standard in Engineered Corrugated Products.

Our LoadRunner® corrugated paper pallets are produced according to each customer’s requirements although certain sizes and specifications span multiple applications across various industries. Our LoadRunner® pallets have a proven track record with export shipments.

Corrugated pallets are designed for the progressive user who has control over handling methods and is looking for a distinctive, environmental, strong yet lightweight transport medium for safe and optimal product protection. Conitex Sonoco is dedicated to providing the total packaging solution. Our global reach brings an added dimension to the scope of our service.